NearVisionSM CK® (Conductive Keratoplasty)

NearVisionSM CK Conductive Keratoplasty

CK makes the cornea steeper and increases its focusing power

NearVisionSM CK®, or Conductive Keratoplasty treats low to moderate farsightedness and presbyopia by shrinking collagen tissue within the cornea, helping to improve your near vision focus. NearVisionSM CK® uses heat energy instead of lasers to improve your vision while reading or looking at objects up close. The procedure involves little to no pain, and by correcting the way light enters the eye, our vision care surgeons at the Laser Eye Center can reduce the need for reading glasses and help you see close objects more clearly.

NearVisionSM CK® Candidates:

Patients over 40 are the ones most likely to benefit from NearVisionSM CK® treatment. Some of the candidacy requirements you must meet before qualifying for the procedure include:

  • Candidates must be age 18 or over
  • Candidates must not have any autoimmune diseases
  • Candidates must not have suffered eye disease or injury
  • Candidates must have a stable vision prescription for at least one year
  • Candidates must have difficulty seeing up-close objects or print
  • Candidates must not have previous vision correction surgery
  • Candidates must not be pregnant, nursing, or planning to be pregnant or nursing in the near future
  • Candidates must not be on prescription medications that can impact healing after the procedure

The NearVisionSM CK® Procedure:

NearVisionSM CK Conductive Keratoplasty

Your eye will be completely numbed with powerful eye drop anesthesia.

NearVisionSM CK® will not require surgery. The procedure begins with a small amount of anesthetic drops applied to your eyes. A small probe, thinner than a strand of hair, will issue a series of radio waves in a circular pattern around the outer cornea, shrinking the collagen tissue. This increases the curvature of the cornea, ultimately resulting in better focus for nearvision.

NearVisionSM CK Conductive Keratoplasty

There will be eight to 32 treatment points

NearVisionSM CK Conductive Keratoplasty

Normal activities are generally resumed within a day or two.

NearVisionSM CK® Recovery:

You may experience excessive tearing or mild itchiness in the eyes for a couple of days after the procedure, but this should dissipate quickly and can be alleviated with medication. You will likely be able to resume your normal daily routine the day after NearVisionSM CK® treatment. Many patients experience immediate improvement after the procedure; however, it typically takes a few weeks or months for the full results to become apparent. Light sensitivity, glare, halos, and some mild discomfort may be present for a few days after treatment.

Because NearVisionSM CK® is non-surgical, there is very minimal risk and almost no side effects. The procedure is designed to reduce your dependence on corrective eyewear and improve your focus on up-close objects.

If you would like more information on NearVisionSM CK® (Conductive Keratoplasty), please contact our practice today!