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Why Choose Laser Eye Center?

Why Choose Laser Eye Center LASIK SurgeryLaser Eye Center has stood the test of time, celebrating 26 years of patient care. These years of experience have resulted in over 200,000 patients letting go of their dependency on glasses and contacts. Although experience is vital when it comes to caring for one’s eyes, read on to learn what makes Laser Eye Center truly special.

  1. They provide consultations and surgeries on Saturdays, as well as, post-operative care on Sundays.
  2. They have several convenient locations throughout Southern California.
  3. They have an excellent team of experienced doctors and medically trained technicians.
  4. The highly trained surgical team at Laser Eye Center is dedicated to making sure each patient feels at ease during the surgery process.
  5. The staff at Laser Eye Center is multi-lingual, in order to ensure all patient questions and concerns are able to be addressed.
  6. They offer a Lifetime Guarantee program.
  7. They use the most advanced F.D.A. approved technology at an affordable price.
  8. They provide their patients with the comfort of knowing the technology used is exceptional and provides the most accurate results.
  9. They have a 24 hour call center available to patients.
  10. They have been recognized and honored by various medical organizations for their excellence.
  11. Even public opinion polls rate them the Best Lasik Center.
  12. Laser Eye Center offers convenient interest free financing and extended payment plans.
  13. They have an impressive patient referral network, meaning most patients hear about Laser Eye Center from a satisfied friend or family member.
  14. Last but not least, Laser Eye Center feels honored and privileged providing clear vision to all their patients.