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Allegretto Wave

The Laser Eye Center employs one of the fastest FDA-approved LASIK platform in the USA, Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q 400Hz (WEQ400). WEQ400’s competitive edge is derived from its safety, precision and customization considerations, as the technology employs:

  1. Custom Wavefront-Optimized Technology, which allows for customized corneal ablation by directing laser beam pulses in the peripheral area to offset any energy loss and reflections. With a near 100% optical zone and a minimized transition zone, the natural aspheric shape of the cornea is preserved and the induction of spherical aberrations minimized.
  2. PerfectPulse Technology, which ensures that all laser beam pulses are precisely controlled in the sculpting of the cornea or eye surface. This advanced high-speed eye-tracking system uses 3 different infrared light sources and a smart-energy program to enhance safety and accuracy by automatically adjusting to changes in a patient’s pupil size during his/her procedure.

EyeQ_crosslineWith the objectives of enhancing efficiency and patient satisfaction, WEQ400 distributes 400 treatment pulses per second (amounting to two times the amount of the Allegretto 200Hz) in order to correct refractive errors in patients faster and more accurately. Our dedicated Los Angeles LASIK professionals are thus able to attend to each patient’s unique refractive errors, whilst preserving the patient’s cornea natural shape and mitigating the potential for post-procedure effects.

WEQ400 also increases the potential to treat individuals who have not achieved best-corrected vision from any previous refractive surgery.

Benefits of the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q 400Hz

  • Customization – A personalized vision file or “map” of the patient’s eyes and their differentiating characteristics is developed to locate the eye’s exact treatment position, a crucial factor in achieving a naturally shaped cornea and thus superb refractive outcome. This is particularly evident when correcting eyes with high astigmatism.
  • Treatment Range – Allows our doctors to treat a greater degree of high myopia—and more than double the range of hyperopia—than conventional LASIK.
  • Speed – Shorter procedure times as each laser “burst” lasts approximately a billionth of a second (or a 100 times faster than competing lasers)
  • Precision – with advanced eye-tracking technology deploying a small-spot laser beam that is faster than select competitors by a factor of 8, our doctors are able to shape the cornea in improved, more regular increments for a smoother surface
  • Safety and Reliability – through an integrated cross-line projector, an accurate alignment of the patient’s head and eye position is attained, enhancing accuracy, decreasing the risk of post-LASIK complications such as halos, glare, and difficulty with night vision, and lower rates of touch-up.

The Result

  • Increased probability of achieving 20/20 vision or better
  • Decreased probability of losing best-corrected vision, visual quality, or contrast sensitivity
  • Decreased probability of night-vision disturbances and glare

Background Information

While treatment results between wavefront-guided and conventional LASIK procedures may be similar, research has found a positive correlation between wavefront-guided procedures and improved vision in areas such as superior contrast sensitivity.