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Laser Eye Center has been selected as Industry experts to appear on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid to discuss Innovative Treatments for Better Vision. Viewpoint is uniquely designed to provide educational content for Public Television distribution in all 50 states. The series is above all else about education- informing viewers on the very latest topic and trends impacting the world. These segments are slotted to air 45-60 times per quarter on major networks like CNBC, CNN, Learning Channel and Discovery Channel, reaching a whopping ~60 million households and businesses.

Laser Eye Center is proud to be featured by the creative team of producers, writers, editors, and imaging specialists at Viewpoint. The Viewpoint team provides a unique and engaging educational platform with content that inspires people of all ages. Each segment focuses on education with the goal of encouraging the audience to take action, such as scheduling a LASIK consultation. Our team of ophthalmologists is excited to be a part of this innovative approach that aims to transform the way people view educational programming.

Our eye surgeons were honored to share their expertise with Viewpoint. As Southern California’s original Laser Eye Center, we have grown a reputation for more than 30 years as the most trusted eye surgeons in the area for refractive and cataract surgery. Viewpoint has featured Laser Eye Center and many other experts and activists, such as Hawaii Island Recovery, Valley Hope Hospital, Urologists, FDIC, and the University of Notre Dame.

The Viewpoint videos featuring Dr. Abraham V. Shammas (Founder and Refractive Surgeon) Dr. Rany Woo (Cataract & Refractive Surgeon), and Jenifer Abi Hamad (Chief Strategy Officer) discuss the advancements in vision care, including laser vision correction, LASIK, and cataract surgery, and how these procedures change patients’ lives every day. Many people go to the doctor when their general health changes, but somehow do not treat their vision in the same regard. In fact, 63.7% of adult Americans wear prescription eyeglasses. That’s 166.5 million people suffering from the need to wear vision corrective eyewear. Also, your eyesight deteriorates with age due to presbyopia, cataracts, and other conditions, and our ophthalmologists can give you better vision at 75 than you had in your 20s. Don’t waste time with blurry vision or relying on visual aids like contacts or glasses; visit Laser Eye Center to see your future through a new lens.

Laser Eye Center – A Legacy of Excellence

Our Chief Refractive Surgeon, Dr. Shammas, is a renowned ophthalmologist and pioneer in refractive surgery dating back to 1986. He has personally completed over 85,000 procedures.

Dr. Woo, our cataract and refractive surgeon, has devoted her life to ophthalmology with outstanding marks throughout her medical education and training at Ivy League schools, such as MIT and Yale. Dr. Woo is the author of several peer-reviewed publications in the field of ophthalmology.

Our eye surgeons are continually advancing their techniques, expanding their knowledge of new technologies and ensuring they are licensed or certified in new lasers and other equipment to offer our patients the best of the best.

Laser Eye Center has performed more than 500,000 successful eye procedures. Our technology focused on LASIK at first, and then our providers added premium treatments for cataract surgery, dry eye treatment, pterygium removal, keratoconus treatment, EVO ICL, and other procedures. Our reputation for excellence brought other eye surgeons to our doors to learn and train from pioneers in the industry. There are over 20 surgeons spread across the United States who have expanded and honed their skills at Laser Eye Center.

Our technology and services constantly adapt to provide the highest level of care to our SoCal patients with the latest technology at an affordable and accessible rate. The Viewpoint educational series is another way our providers can share their expertise with a broader audience and help them understand the importance of healthy vision and the quick and easy nature of refractive and cataract surgery.

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