Cataract is a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy causing blurred vision. The initial symptoms of cataracts include glare from light sources at night and a pronounced reduction of visual clarity in low-light situations.

Are you looking for the best cataract surgeon in Los Angeles? Our talented team at Laser Eye Center™ is here to help. Our eye surgeons have years of experience quickly and painlessly removing cataracts to help improve the vision of our patients in Southern California.


Cataract surgery has undergone major advances in recent years since the days your mom and dad had the procedure. Part of the normal aging process, a cataract occurs when the natural lens in your eye becomes cloudy; and, if left untreated, a cataract can lead to blindness.

The procedure to remove cataracts is fast, painless, and has a high rate of success with a 98% patient satisfaction rate. Cataract surgery is performed in the comfort of our top of the line facility and is fully customized to meet your unique visual needs. Most important for you, the treatment is completely painless, lasts less than 15 minutes, and most patients see significantly better the very next day!

The treatment entails removing the lens inside the eye that has become cloudy and replacing it with an artificial lens (called an “intraocular lens” or “IOL”). There are various IOLs available to treat myopia, hyperopia, as well as the multifocal IOL for presbyopia and astigmatism, offering you the full range of vision and without the need for glasses!

Laser Eye Center™ ranks in the top three for premium cataract surgery. We have invested in the most sophisticated laser cataract platform that combines computer-controlled laser technology with advanced 3D-imaging enabling us to precisely determine the size and shape of the incision as well as enhance premium lens placement to deliver the highest standards of accuracy and safety.

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The number one question asked by our cataract patients: Are all cataract procedures created equal? Our response: Absolutely not! Since cataract treatment is a one-time only procedure (in other words the cataract does not return), it is imperative to study the various treatment options available and choose a trustworthy center that has the technical capabilities and experience to address your unique needs to restore your vision.

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Absolutely not! Initially, the treatment for cataracts was based on a one-size-fits all approach, wherein a standard single-focus lens was implanted. However, at Laser Eye Center™ we offer a variety of cutting edge lens types that we have termed ‘Designer Lenses’ so that you may regain clear vision at all distances and light conditions.


No!  As cataracts will continue to worsen over time, the result is progressively declining vision with the potential for blindness. With today’s most advanced methods, favorable outcomes from treatment of cataracts are achieved in 98% of cases.


Since cataract treatment is a one-time only procedure (in other words the cataract does not return), it is imperative to study the varied treatments available and choose a trustworthy center that has the technical capabilities and experience to address your unique needs.

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As SoCal’s original Laser Eye Center™, we have invested in the most sophisticated Modern Cataract technological platform powered by a 30-year track-record of experience and surgical expertise. That’s 500,000+ successful procedures & counting!

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