What exactly is the EVO ICL Lens?

The EVO ICL is an innovative vision correction solution crafted with an Implantable Collamer™ Lens technology. It effectively addresses common vision issues such as nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. The EVO ICL Lens, made from a biocompatible material called Collamer, seamlessly integrates into your eye structure, providing clear and natural vision. 

What benefits does the EVO ICL offer over other vision correction methods?

The EVO ICL presents a plethora of advantages, setting it apart from traditional laser vision correction surgeries. In fact, more than two million lenses have been implanted around the world. These benefits include:

  • Crisp and sharp vision, both up close and far away
  • Enhanced night vision with reduced glare and halos
  • Eliminates concerns  about dry eye syndrome, often associated with other procedures
  • A swift and straightforward procedure, coupled with a faster recovery period
  • Preservation of your corneal tissue, as no reshaping is required
  • The convenience of lens removal or upgrades under the guidance of your surgeon
  • Built-in UV ray protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful sun rays

Who is an ideal candidate for the EVO ICL procedure?

The EVO ICL is a versatile solution suitable for various individuals seeking effective vision correction. If you fall within the age range of 21 to 45 and experience moderate to severe nearsightedness (with or without astigmatism), you might be an excellent candidate. Additionally, stable vision prescription for at least a year and good ocular health, without a history of glaucoma, iritis, or diabetic eye disease, are favorable factors.

How is the EVO ICL Lens procedure performed?

The EVO ICL procedure is a safe and efficient outpatient treatment, usually taking only 20 to 30 minutes. Before the procedure, your ophthalmologist will conduct an assessment to confirm the suitability of the EVO ICL for your eyes. On the day of the procedure, anesthetic eye drops will numb your eyes, ensuring comfort throughout. Your skilled surgeon will then gently implant the EVO ICL Lens between your iris and natural lens, enabling you to resume your daily activities promptly. Often, a follow-up appointment is scheduled on the same day to monitor your progress.

Can the EVO ICL Lens be removed if necessary?

Yes, while the EVO ICL Lens aims to provide lasting vision correction, it can be removed or upgraded by your surgeon if required. This feature ensures flexibility and peace of mind.

Will I experience any discomfort with the EVO ICL Lens?

Rest assured, you will not feel any discomfort with the EVO ICL Lens. It seamlessly integrates into your eye without adhering to internal structures, allowing for a comfortable experience and undisturbed vision.

Will the EVO ICL Lens be visible to others?

No, the EVO ICL Lens is discreetly positioned behind your iris, making it virtually invisible to others. Only your eye doctor will be able to detect its presence during routine eye examinations.

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