Dry eye is a chronic and progressive disease that affects 30 million people in US alone, and 86% of it is attributable to Meibomian Gland Disease. Candidates suffer from eyes do not produce enough tears to keep them properly lubricated. As a result of not having enough moisture, the eyes can feel dry, scratchy, and irritated. Other symptoms can include a stinging or burning sensation, sensitivity to heated or air-condition environments, or the sense that something is stuck in the eye.

So why Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD)? Every time you blink, there is a protective layer of moisture called the ‘tear film’ that coats the front surface of your eye. An essential part of the tear film is an oily layer called meibum. MGD occurs when the glands that produce meibum get blocked, which in turn leads to evaporative tear loss or dry eye.

In this modern age, we spend about 7.5 hours a day on a computer or phone screen. This causes us to blink about 50% less, ultimately damaging our tear film production system. In addition, contact lens wearers are more prone to develop dry eyes. People who live in dry, windy, or dusty climates where there is less moisture in the air are also often at greater risk of developing the condition than those who live in humid locations. Other environmental stressors including cigarette smoke and air pollution can irritate the eyes and cause a decrease in tear production.


To combat dry eye syndrome, Laser Eye Center™ presents the latest in dry eye technology — iLux. Similar to what a deep cleaning is for oral hygiene, iLux is a customizable and proven solution that provides lasting relief by encouraging the natural production of a healthy tear film and freeing you from the pain of dry eye.

Lasting about fifteen minutes, we therapeutically warm the affected glands, which are next gently expressed. This treats the blocked glands and encourages the production of oil in order to restore a healthy tear film.  The treatment is comfortable, fully customizable, safe, and effective!

Dry eye: overview


1. Doesn’t everyone get dry eye?

People with chronic dry eye experience symptoms like pain, redness, or discharge from one or both eyes. Dry eye occurs when you don’t have enough tears, either because you don’t produce enough or your tears evaporate from your eyes too quickly. While it’s true all people occasionally experience dry eyes, chronic dry eye can lower your quality of life and interfere with your ability to see clearly.

2. Doesn’t dry eye only happen to old people?

Age is just one of the risk factors for dry eye. However, one of the biggest culprits today is digital device usage. When we work on screens, our eyes tend to not fully blink, meaning we are missing that necessary distribution of our tears to help keep our eyes from drying out. Even children have begun to experience dryness due to screens!

3. Isn’t chronic dry eye just due to dry air?

Living or working in climates where humidity is low can cause dry eye, but chronic dry eye is usually related to a combination of factors including use of digital devices, wearing contact lenses long-term, lifestyle, environment, disease & medications, and age.

4. How can I have dry eye with watering eyes?

It sounds counterintuitive, but watery eyes are actually a symptom of chronic dry eye. When your eyes are very dry, they may itch, burn, or be generally uncomfortable. In response, your body produces extra tears to fix this. But this excess amount of tears can overwhelm your body’s ability to drain tears away from your eyes, causing them to water.

5. Is dry eye serious?

Left untreated, chronic dry eye can cause lasting damage to your eyes that interferes with your ability to see properly as well as increases your risk for eye infections and damage to your cornea (or eye surface). Other possible symptoms include sensitivity to light, difficulty driving at night, blurred vision, and eye fatigue.

6. Isn’t dry eye just something I have to deal with?

Luckily, this is also not true. Laser Eye Center™ offers a state-of-the-art treatment named iLux, which employs the most proven technique to effectively successfully alleviate chronic dry eye symptoms.  We therapeutically warm & express the affected glands to restore a healthy tear film.  The treatment is comfortable, fully customizable, safe, and effective!


Technology What is iLux?

iLux is a handheld device that combines light-generated heat and gentle expression technology to therapeutically restore functionality to the eyelid’s Meibomian glands. Treatment with the device unblocks these glands to allow them to produce and secrete the oils necessary for normal tearing function in the eye. Pulses of heat sooth the glands and gently clear away debris and blockages to allow for the normal production of oils as an integral outer component of a healthy tear film. This innovative solution is more effective than artificial tears, warm compresses or lid expression as it addresses the root cause of dry eye syndrome, as opposed to masking its symptoms, and therefore provides lasting relief.

Importantly, iLux is also effective as a preventative treatment to maintain healthy Meibomian glands in order to mitigate against the development of the chronic and progressive condition of dry eyes.

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