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Real and Lasting Relief from Dry Eyes with iLux

iLux: Dry Eye Relief in Los Angeles

More than 100 million people worldwide experience the uncomfortable, inconvenient symptoms of dry eye disease. Red, irritated or itchy eyes, blurry vision and the sensation that something is stuck in your eyes can interfere with your work, hobbies and time with family and friends. Always at the forefront of innovative technology, Laser Eye Center is… Continue reading

History of Excimer Lasers and Why Alcon EX500 in LA Is Arguably the Best

Excimer Lasers & Alcon EX500 for Eye Surgery in L.A.

Excimer laser technology has played a fundamental role in catapulting LASIK to the prominent position it now occupies in the world of vision correction. Prior to the development of the laser, surgeons corrected refractive errors by reshaping the cornea with traditional surgical tools like microkeratomes (blades) and cryolathes. But these procedures had frequent complications and… Continue reading

5 Misconceptions of LASIK: Why You Should Opt for this Life-Changing Procedure

5 Misconceptions of LASIK L.A.

LASIK is a commonly misunderstood procedure. With so much information available in the Digital Age, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. The technology has had many iterations over the last 20 years, advancing by leaps and bounds as we arrive at the apex of technology development and success! To help set the… Continue reading