The ophthalmologists and eye surgeons at Laser Eye Center are some of Montebello’s finest eye care professionals. Our team offers comprehensive eye care services to address eye disease, conditions, and common refractive errors. We help patients achieve their best vision and eye health through individualized treatment plans. Our 30-year history of ocular surgeries boasts more than 500,000 successful procedures and hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients. 

Our ophthalmologists take the time necessary to get to know each patient and customize their treatments based on lifestyle factors, eye health, and vision goals. Laser Eye Center is proud to offer eye surgery with the most advanced technologies and techniques for outstanding results and patient safety.


LASIK in Montebello

LASIK eye surgery at Laser Eye Center offers advanced vision correction with the Modern LASIK all-laser approach. Our skilled eye surgeons use state-of-the-art laser equipment to form the LASIK flap with the cornea’s surface layer. A secondary laser reshapes the cornea to improve vision and correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. We use a topography-guided technology that maps 22,000 points in each eye for a customized laser eye surgery that improves results and patient safety. In the expert hands of our eye surgeons, patients no longer need contact lenses or glasses after LASIK.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery in Montebello

Cataracts are one of the leading eye diseases in America, causing vision loss and blindness without treatment. The natural eye lens becomes cloudy with age, and excessive sun exposure can speed up the process. No medicines can treat cataracts; surgically removing the clouded lens is the only way to restore vision. Laser Eye Center offers premium cataract surgery with our skilled eye surgeons. The procedure removes the cataract with an advanced laser platform and computer-controlled technology. 3-D imaging allows our eye surgeons to place an intraocular lens implant (IOL) with unparalleled accuracy to restore clear vision and improve refractive errors, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Treatment Montebello

Our team of ophthalmologists understands that dry eye disease can impact your quality of life. Laser Eye Center provides various dry eye treatments, including prescription eye drops or medications, artificial tears, BlephEx, and iLux. Dry eyes are caused by insufficient tear quality or quantity and are often linked to blocked meibomian glands in the eyelids responsible for oil secretion. BlephEx is an in-office procedure that removes debris and biofilm from the eyelids to restore meibomian gland function, and iLux restores healthy tears by deep cleaning and warming the eyelids and gently expressing the affected glands.


Pterygium Treatment Montebello

Pterygium is a wedge- or wing-shaped growth that develops on the translucent conjunctiva that covers the front of the eye and under the eyelids. These lesions affect people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, wind, or dusty environments. Laser Eye Center uses the most advanced technique for pterygium removal. The autograft method removes the pterygium and the conjunctiva underneath and grafts tissue taken from under the upper eyelids in its place. Pterygium removal with the autograft technique reduces the risk the lesion will grow back.


Keratoconus Treatment Montebello

Keratoconus causes the usually round cornea to thin and bulge, leading to vision impairment, halos, glare, eye irritation, headaches, and other symptoms. Our eye care experts at Laser Eye Center can manage keratoconus with rigid contact lenses, corrective lenses, corneal implants, and corneal cross-linking. Corneal cross-linking stops keratoconus from getting worse by using a combination of riboflavin eye drops and UV light to strengthen collagen fibers and prevent further changes in corneal shape.


Myopia Treatment Montebello

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a type of refractive error that makes seeing objects in the distance challenging. The eye shape is elongated, making it difficult for the cornea and eye lens to focus incoming light rays on the retina in the back of the eye. People with myopia depend on contact lenses or eyeglasses for sharp distance vision. Laser Eye Center can reduce or eliminate your reliance on corrective eyewear with LASIK eye surgery for permanent vision enhancement.


Astigmatism Treatment Montebello

Astigmatism affects one in three people, forcing men and women to rely on eyeglasses and contact lenses for sharp vision. This refractive error occurs when the eye is oval-shaped instead of round. Laser Eye Center corrects astigmatism and other refractive errors with LASIK eye surgery. We offer Modern LASIK with the all-laser technique for excellent and permanent vision correction.


Presbyopia Treatment Montebello

Presbyopia is the reason people require reading glasses around the age of 40. The eye’s natural lens is flexible in your youth but stiffens with age, making it challenging to adjust focus for objects close by and causing blurry near vision. Presbyopia treatment at Laser Eye Center may include refractive lens exchange with intraocular lens implants, refractive surgery with Monovision LASIK, and implantable contact lenses such as EVO Visian ICL.

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