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Do you enjoy golf, but find yourself frustrated that cataracts are hurting your game? Are you frustrated by your vision becoming progressively cloudier, suffering from a tinge of yellow, and stale? As cataracts advance, they can make it progressively more difficult to engage in recreational activities — including sports like golf, which require excellent vision at all distances.

Whether you are a serious gamer or treat yourself to the occasional round, achieve your best vision and help lower your handicap with cataract surgery at Laser Eye Center. Our top cataract surgeons even offer custom solutions so you can get rid of bothersome glasses and have a clear, unimpeded view of every shot.

Reasons Why Cataract Surgery Can Improve Your Golf Game

Any golfer intimately understands how the game demands good vision. Your performance (and enjoyment of the sport) is directly linked to how well you can see all objects, actions, and outcomes. Replacing a cloudy, cataract-diseased lens can enhance your vision and benefit your golf game in countless ways.

Here are a few examples:

Magnificent vision for long drives and short putts

You are simply not going to have a good time on the greens if you experience blurry or dim vision from cataracts. A great game of golf requires the ability to see and judge near, far, and intermediate distances accurately. Surgically removing the cataract and replacing the eye’s lens will give you the magnificent vision you need for those long drives, short putts, and everything in between.

No more double vision

Are cataracts sidelining you from the game because they’re giving you double vision? Seeing double is quite troublesome when you’re focusing on driving, chipping, or putting the golf ball or visualizing the hole position. After cataract surgery, you don’t have to worry about ghost images or other distortions taking your focus off of the ball.

Better vision in all lighting conditions

The clouding or fogging of the eye’s natural lens impedes normal visual processing by interrupting the way the eye focuses incoming light. With a cataract, you may find that you have naturally dim vision, and you need additional light to see what you’re doing. Early morning tee times or games played on foggy or cloudy days may seem out of the question. Even with the ideal tee time, you may have problems transitioning from seeing shady to sunlit areas of the course. Today’s premium IOLs are specifically designed to improve vision in nearly all lighting conditions, so you can grab the first tee time of the day.

Put glare behind you

People with cataracts often experience more glare than people with healthy eyes. The bright sunlight or harsh spotlights on the driving range at night can hurt your eyes and interfere with your already limited vision. Cataract surgery minimizes or eliminates the occurrence of glare, enabling you to play on the brightest day or under the brightest range lights with no issues.

Improved color vision to read the greens

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Cataracts make it difficult to distinguish certain hues, and everything you look at may start to appear faded, brownish, or yellowish. If you’re attempting to read the greens or search for your ball among leaves, cataracts put you at a notable disadvantage. After cataract surgery, you will be able to process and distinguish colors correctly.

Enhanced hand-eye coordination

Swinging a driver or sinking a putt demands superb hand-eye coordination and visual reaction time. When you can see more clearly after cataract surgery, your brain processes and reacts to an action or event more quickly. Because timing is of the utmost importance in golf, terrific hand-eye coordination and visual reaction time is necessary for peak performance.

No need for reading glasses to write down your score

Today’s cataract surgery is not the procedure your grandmother had. With modern cataract surgery using premium or designer IOLs, patients who have worn glasses all of their life can suddenly see clearly without any visual aids at all. The surgery and implantation of these impressive IOLs can restore your vision to what it was before cataracts (or even better).

Savor the freedom of not needing reading glasses to record and tally up your score, and the freedom to pick out any type of non-prescription sunglasses you like!

Consider Premium IOLs for Maximum Gains

Basic cataract surgery with a standard monofocal IOL will undoubtedly improve your vision but will likely keep you reliant on having to use glasses since a monofocal IOL only gives you great vision at a single distance while sacrificing the clarity of your vision at all other distances. Imagine seeing clearly enough up close to swing your club but instantly needing to reach for your glasses to track the ball down the fairway. Or, wearing glasses to swing but ripping them off the second you make contact with the ball so you can watch it soar over the greens.

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Cataract surgery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you can take your vision and your golf game to the next level by selecting a premium IOL. These IOLs restore vision at multiple distances, allowing your eyes to transition seamlessly from focusing on the ball at your feet to tracking it down the golf course. No glasses are needed for any point in the game! Premium IOLs gift you fantastic vision at varying distances with no gaps for a truly uninterrupted round of golf. In short, you can overcome visual aging completely and have your best vision yet!

When Can You Get Back On the Links?

Once you have undergone your life-changing cataract surgery, you are probably anxious to get back on the course and marvel at all of the ways your vision has improved. Keep in mind that like any surgery, cataract surgery requires a brief recuperation period, during which you are advised to refrain from most physically strenuous activities, including bending and lifting. Our team can provide a clear timeline, estimating how long you’ll need to rest before you are ready to head back onto the greens.

Our Patients Are Proof You Can Play Well After Cataracts

Don’t let cataracts keep you from enjoying and excelling at your favorite pastime. Elevate your golf performance with great vision from cataract surgery at Laser Eye Center! Call or email us today to request an informational consultation and get more details about this life-altering surgery.

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