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Consejos para mantener los ojos seguros en el lugar de trabajo

Según estadísticas aproximadamente 25,000 estadounidenses van a la sala de emergencia cada año debido a una lesión que ocurre en el lugar de trabajo. La mayoría de estas lesiones podrían prevenirse tomando ciertas precauciones. En esta entrada del blog, el equipo de visión de Laser Eye Center comparte formas en las que puede proteger su… Continue reading

The Protective Powers of Coffee

A study from Cornell University found that one of your favorite morning routines — drinking a cup of coffee — may prevent eyesight deterioration and even blindness. According to the research, one of coffee’s main ingredients, an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid, may protect against retinal degeneration from glaucoma, aging or diabetes that can cause blindness.… Continue reading

10 Eye Myths

As children we were all warned the perils of sitting too close to the TV, or the dangers of crossing our eyes. But it turns out there are a number of eye myths we believe to be fact that are actually incorrect. Read on to learn what separates truth from fiction…

What to Expect from a LASIK Consultation

Over 100,000 people get LASIK eye surgery each year. LASIK is a simple outpatient procedure that can correct several different visual impairments such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (refractive errors that cause blurred vision), and presbyopia (the natural decline in vision that comes with age), ridding a person of glasses and contacts completely. Patients,… Continue reading