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Pterygium Treatment

What is Pterygium?

Pterygium Treatment Surgery A pterygium is a benign growth which can afflict the white part of the eye (conjunctiva). The elevated growth typically has a wing-shaped appearance, and can ultimately spread over the corneal surface. A pterygium can become very large and affect your vision, causing excessive tearing, discoloration of the eye, and irritation. The condition can also lead to astigmatism. A pterygium can be removed with surgery from one of our Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire, California-area vision care specialists.

Contact the Laser Eye Center if you think you may be affected by pterygium. Our doctors can meet with you to discuss the best treatment options for your needs.

What Causes Pterygium?

The development of a pterygium is typically associated with exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays; however, dusty and dry conditions may also play a role. The condition is more common in people who live in tropical climates and those who are exposed to the sun’s rays for long periods of time.

How is Pterygium treated?

Eye drops, steroid drops, and ointments can be effective treatments for small pterygia that are causing minor irritation or inflammation of the eye, but are not affecting vision. However, a pterygium that is large enough to ultimately cause vision problems or is causing excessive eye irritation may need to be surgically removed. Protecting the eyes from the sun, as well as windy and dusty environments, is also advised to reduce the risk of future eye irritation.