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Our Specialists


At Laser Eye Center of Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire, we have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision and we are regarded as one of the leading eye care centers in the U.S. Our surgeons have completed extensive vision-correction training and performed over 200,000 surgical and LASIK procedures, making us among the best-trained and most-experienced eye surgeons in the country.

Our mission is to use advanced vision-correction technology and a service-oriented culture of teamwork and integrity to provide the highest-possible standard of care. Our expert physicians, optometrists and support personnel employ the best available resources and state-of-the-art technology to make vision-correction surgery available to patients, regardless of income.

At Laser Eye Center of Los Angeles and Orange County, we are committed to excellence. Click a link below to learn more about our vision correction surgeons.

Our Surgeons

Abraham V. Shammas, MD
Rany Woo, M.D.

Our Optometrists (OD’s)

Dr. Richard R. Elhaj
Dr. Kenneth Chu
Dr. Andrew Jong
Dr. Tony Nguyen
Dr. Sharis Karapetian
Dr. Lina Manoukian
Dr. Esther Park