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Our Cerritos office is located on Studebaker Road, near the Los Cerritos Center. Our surgeons and staff provide the most advanced surgical techniques and laser technology for vision correction, including custom All Laser LASIK and Intralase. Many of our Intralase patients have undergone treatment with the Bladefree All Laser LASIK procedure. We have successfully treated thousands of patients at our Los Angeles All Laser LASIK Surgery Center.

For more information about vision correction procedures or our location in Cerritos, call us at (800) 805-2737 or (562) 402-5823 or complete our online form to book an appointment.

Cerritos Location:
Laser Eye Center
18000 Studebaker Rd #505
Cerritos, CA

Phone: (562) 402-5823
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Cost of All Laser LASIK in Cerritos

The cost of All Laser LASIK surgery in Cerritos can vary depending on the laser vision technology used as well as the reputation and geographic location of the laser eye surgery practice. Here at Laser Eye Center, we offer a wide range of technologies, and the cost of your All Laser LASIK surgery is dependent on your individual visual needs and the technology that best suited to your correction. Each patient is unique, and therefore we prefer to discuss the exact cost of your vision correction procedure at the time of your Free Consultation.

If you are concerned about the cost of All Laser LASIK Eye Surgery in Cerritos, or any other vision correction procedures, Laser Eye Center offers a financing option to fit every patient’s budget. To learn more visit: Financing

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