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Light focuses in front of the retina causing blurry distance vision
Light focuses in front of the retina causing blurry distance vision

Nearsightedness, also called myopia, occurs when the cornea is too curved or the eye is elongated causing light entering the eye to focus incorrectly. People with nearsightedness focus images in front of the light-sensitive part of the eye, the retina, causing blurred distance vision. Nearby images appear clear.

Myopia affects a significant proportion of Americans: nearly one in three. Nearsightedness is hereditary, although some researchers believe that there may be a contributory environmental factor. Myopia normally appears between the ages of eight and 12 years old and almost always before the age of 20. As the body grows, nearsightedness often worsens but typically stabilizes in adulthood. Nearsightedness, a very common visual defect, has no generally accepted method of prevention but can be easily corrected with contact lenses, eyeglasses or refractive surgery.

Nearby objects appear clearly
Nearby objects appear clearly

Symptoms of Nearsightedness:

  • Blurry distance vision

Causes of Nearsightedness:

  • Heredity

Diagnosing Nearsightedness:

Myopia is frequently diagnosed during school screenings or after parents notice that their children are having difficulty seeing street signs or the television. The Laser Eye Centers of Los Angeles and Orange County can conduct tests to assess your vision. A refractive evaluation can determine your eyes ability to focus light rays on the retina, at a distance or nearby. A visual acuity test can determine your ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances. Other tests check eye coordination and muscle control, as well as your eyes’ ability to change focus.

Treatment of Nearsightedness:

Nearsightedness is often treated temporarily with glasses and contact lenses. However, there are several vision correction procedures that can surgically reduce or eliminate myopia. Consult with the Laser Eye Centers of Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire for a myopic treatment plan based on your specific visual needs.