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Intacs are C-shaped plastic polymer rings that are inserted into the cornea to improve vision in patients with keratoconus. This minimally invasive, 15 minute procedure is done using just topical anesthetic eye drops. Intacs work by flattening the steep area of the keratoconic cornea, thus improving vision for patients that not long ago did not have any options. Improvement in myopia and astigmatism can be realized using this procedure, providing a long term visual solution. Decreased dependence on glasses or contacts is the goal of Intacs, with some patients even becoming completely free of the need for vision correction. Of course, results depend on the degree of keratoconus and the extent to which the disease has affected vision.

The results of the Intacs procedure are immediate, but it may take a few weeks for optimal clarity. The implants are not visible to the average person, and are not felt by the patient. If necessary, the Intacs can be completely removed in the future if the patient’s prescription is to change. The old Intacs are simply swapped for new ones.