Modern Pterygium Treatment

What is a pterygium?

A pterygium is an abnormal wedge shaped growth on the cornea of the eye. This elevated growth is the result of an abnormal process in which the conjunctiva, which is the clear mucous membrane that lines the inside of eyelids, grows on to the cornea. Its occurrence tends to be linked to long term exposure to ultra violet sunlight and chronic irritation from dry conditions.

What is the best way to resolve a pterygium?

The procedure to remove a pterygium lasts approximately thirty minutes, and has a recovery time of only a couple of days. When the pterygium is removed, the conjunctiva underneath is also extracted. This advanced Auto-Graft technique used by Laser Eye Center replaces the affected tissue with the patient’s own conjunctival tissue, which is surgically removed from the healthy conjunctiva superiorly (not visible, as it is hidden underneath the upper eyelid). This “self-tissue” is then fixated using medical adhesive. With this modern surgical technique, the risk of regression or reoccurrence is significantly minimized.

Should you wait to have your pterygium removed?

No!  Pterygium can cause distortion of the cornea, severely affecting or blocking vision completely. Corneal scarring underneath the growth can also occur making it essential to remove the growth before it becomes too large so as not to permanently affect vision.

What are the symptoms of a pterygium?

Symptoms include burning, itching, tearing, redness, and scratchy sensation in the eye. Cosmetically, a pterygium can impact the social and professional life as the affected eye often has a red, distorted appearance.  Due to its appearance, patients are often wrongly accused of being under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


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