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All Laser LASIK in Los Angeles, Orange County & the Inland Empire

We love our IntraLase™ iFS Lasers because they allow for an exceptional level of control, accuracy and customization when performing your vision correction procedure.

IntraLase All Laser LASIK corneal flap

With IntraAll Laser LASIK, the corneal flap is made using an IntraLase™ iFS Laser.

The technology that we use for the critical first step of your procedure utilizes a femtosecond laser. A femtosecond description we like from online is that it is a “unit of time equal to 10 to the 15th degree of a second”. Which translates to being one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth, of a second! For context, a femtosecond is to a second as a second is to about 31.7 million years. That means that we use technology that defies what could have previously been imagined possible.

In the past, a microkeratome was the standard of care. This metal-blade cutting instrument would cut a hinged flap in the cornea and then we would use a laser to create a person’s treatment calculated based on their vision possibilities. Once the flap is back in place, the treatment enabled better vision.

ifs laser los angelesNow, thanks to the hyper advancement of science, we use an all-laser or bladeless All Laser LASIK procedure. We refer to this as an IntraAll Laser LASIK procedure and it is a two-step process except now instead of one laser, we are using TWO for you. The first step in the IntraAll Laser LASIK procedure is to make the corneal flap using the IntraLase™ iFS Laser. We are harnessing the femtosecond laser beam so that a microscopic spot of energy is able to pass harmlessly through the outer layers of the cornea until reaching its exact focal point within the central layer of your cornea. Then with remarkable precision we are able to create a flap that is literally thinner than a single strand of hair. In the second step of your procedure, our surgeons use an excimer laser on the inner cornea to correct your vision. By replacing the microkeratome with a less-invasive beam of laser light, all-laser or bladeless All Laser LASIK can reduce complication risks associated with corneal flaps.

intralase ifs laser los angeles

IntraLase™ iFS Laser

The IntraLase laser also has applications for other procedures as the technology may be adapted to do things like create channels for placement of Intacs. Using the IntraLase™ iFS Laser for this procedure assures that the two segments are placed at the very specific depths and allows for us to harness the power of the laser for best patient outcomes and care.

Our team chose the IntraLase™ iFS Laser because its computer directed megatronics allows for literally an unprecedented level of control and accuracy in customizing thinner and more amazing corneal flaps. As our patient, this gives you the comfort of relaxing and trusting that we will go to every expense & action to provide you with the highest levels of safety and science for your very best advantage to vision.