8 Signs You’re the Perfect Candidate for LASIK

LASIK eye surgery can change your life, freeing you from wearing contact lenses daily or relying on prescription eyeglasses. At Laser Eye Center in Los Angeles, our eye surgeons can determine if LASIK is the best way to improve your eyesight. This safe and effective procedure has given tens of millions of people excellent vision.

Could you, too, achieve great vision with LASIK? Here are 8 signs that you could be the perfect LASIK candidate:

1. You are ready for independent, quality vision.

LASIK patients achieve quality vision free of any visual aids. This places them in the top 33 percent of the world’s population in terms of having perfect vision. After having LASIK, patients are able to connect to the world through their own eyes, free of any filters. Spontaneity and independence are also crucially achieved. 

2. You are tired of wearing contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses.

Many LASIK candidates have worn contact lenses or glasses for years, even decades. Touching your eyes several times a day to put in and remove contacts is a hassle, and glasses are easily lost, scratched or bent. Candidates also understand that glasses are a 1,000+-year-old technology and are ready for the vision to outperform this archaic technology. LASIK can free you from corrective eyewear and even outperform contacts and glasses in 33 percent of cases!

3. You are in good overall health.

Any medical conditions you may have, such as diabetes, should be well-managed. Good physical health translates to excellent LASIK results. Health concerns such as uncontrolled blood sugar impact your ocular health and can cause lasting damage to the blood vessels in your eyes. You need healthy eyes before LASIK.

4. You have a stable vision prescription for one year or longer.

Your vision has stabilized, meaning your prescription has stayed the same for one to two years. A stable prescription can lead to better LASIK results and may avoid a revision procedure later on.

5. You have healthy eyes and cornea.

Your ocular health plays a critical role in LASIK candidacy, i.e., you should be free of any eye conditions or diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic eye disease. Our eye doctors will evaluate your ocular health during your eye exam and LASIK consultation.

6. You are not currently pregnant.

Pregnancy hormones impact your vision and even your eye shape. Tear production, light sensitivity and vision fluctuations are common throughout pregnancy as the curvature and thickness of the cornea changes. It’s best to wait to have LASIK until your vision is stable again.

7. You are over 18 years old.

LASIK is FDA approved for adults ages 18 and up. Your vision changes throughout your teens and it’s important to wait until your eyesight has finished evolving before having LASIK eye surgery.

8. You are ready for life-changing LASIK results.

LASIK is an excellent way to improve your vision with a short recovery; most people are back to work the next day! Better vision without contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses can change your life. You can enjoy swimming and other activities that are typically burdensome with contacts and glasses, and you may find you have more confidence.

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