Celebrate UV Safety Month with Proper Eye Care and UV Protection 

When it comes to UV rays, using sunscreen is just one of many ways to protect yourself from harmful sun exposure. It’s UV Safety Awareness Month, and our eye doctors at The Laser Eye Center™ want you to understand the importance of protecting your eyes from UV-A and UV-B light. 

What Your Prescription Numbers Really Mean and How to Read Them

You’ve likely looked at your contact lens and eyeglasses prescription and thought it looked like a complicated math equation. These abbreviations and numbers are the blueprints for clear vision and are unique to every patient. This sheet of paper outlines the vision correction power required to allow you to see clearly with corrective eyewear. Our eye doctors at The Laser Eye Center™ in Southern California explain how to read your vision prescription. 

Pterygium Surgery from a Patient’s Lens

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and have noticed a fleshy growth on the white part of your eye, blame it on the elements. Sun exposure, wind, saltwater and sand are linked to the development of pterygium, a benign lesion that has been described as uncomfortable and unsightly. In this post, Laser Eye Center introduces you to a patient (name removed for privacy) who was diagnosed and treated for a pterygium.

Corneal Crosslinking Benefits That May Surprise You

At the beginning of the year, Laser Eye Center introduced our blog readers to keratoconus, a degenerative disease that causes distortion of the eye’s cornea. In this post, we mentioned an innovative treatment called Avedro corneal crosslinking, which is on its way to becoming the Holy Grail of keratoconus treatments. After reading our previous blog post and perhaps doing your own research, you likely learned that corneal crosslinking stiffens and strengthens a degenerating cornea by reinforcing the strands of collagen that hold it together. In case the benefits of corneal crosslinking are still unclear, we want to set the record straight on the promise it holds for our keratoconus patients.

Advice for Those Recently Diagnosed With Keratoconus

Coping with any medical diagnosis can be difficult. If you have recently been diagnosed with keratoconus, it is normal to experience a wide range of feelings, from anxiety about what the future holds to nerves about finding the right doctor. In this post, Laser Eye Center, one of the leading providers of keratoconus care, provides advice to help you deal with your diagnosis and manage it effectively.

Is That Gorgeous Tan Worth Your Eye Health?

The summer season is upon us, and for many people, that means more time spent outdoors basking in the sun. As leading Southern California eye experts, the team at Laser Eye Center feels a responsibility to shed light on the sun’s threats to your ocular health. You may decide that today’s tan is simply not worth tomorrow’s potential eye troubles.

How to Maintain Eye Health

All of our five senses are important, but we rely on our sense of sight for the majority of our interactions, tasks and movements. As humans, we are built to gather information about our surroundings with our eyes, and when our eyes do not work as well as they should, it has an enormous impact on daily life. A little eye care now can go a long way toward preserving healthy eyes and clear vision. Read on as Laser Eye Center shares some simple tips to maintain long-term eye health.

Taking a Closer Look at Monovision

In our last blog post, the Laser Eye Center team introduced the concept of monovision for the correction of presbyopia. After fielding some questions from interested candidates, we thought it would be helpful to provide a more in-depth look at what monovision accomplishes and what you can expect from it.

What You Need to Know About Presbyopia

Most people notice changes in the clarity of their vision sometime in their 40s. Even if you’ve enjoyed 20/20 vision for most of your life, you will gradually discover that you need brighter light to see clearly, and that you have to hold a newspaper or menu at arm’s length in order to make out small print. Your eyes may become particularly fatigued after long periods of doing close work, or you may suffer frequent headaches due to eye strain. This age-related occurrence is known as presbyopia (or age-related farsightedness), and it happens when the lens of the eye loses its youthful flexibility. The lens no longer easily bends and…

Does Dry Eye Affect Men and Women Differently?

Looking at the effect of gender on health can be complicated. Women tend to outlive men, but are more likely to report health problems. When it comes to dry eye disease, the data is clear: Women are affected at disproportionately higher rates than men. Understanding the reasons for this disparity helps Laser Eye Center provide the best possible care for our patients.