Can I Have LASIK When I’m Pregnant?

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One question that comes up frequently in consultations for All Laser LASIK in Orange County and Los Angeles is whether pregnant women can have All Laser LASIK.

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that induce collagen fibers in the body to relax, in turn causing refractive changes in the eye. During pregnancy, the body also retains more fluid, causing the cornea to swell.

Pregnant women tend to swing from nearsightedness (myopia) to farsightedness (hyperopia) and then revert back to their baseline vision after giving birth — these fluctuations in prescription can make the results of All Laser LASIK less predictable during pregnancy. Increased estrogen production during pregnancy also affects the glands near the eyelid that keep the eyes lubricated.

Other Pregnancy-Related Changes that Could Affect All Laser LASIK Results

Prior to a All Laser LASIK procedure, some patients elect to take a sedative like Valium that enters the bloodstream and can possibly harm a developing fetus. Following the procedure, antibiotic and steroidal eye drops are required to reduce the risk of infection and aid in the healing process. While no specific or conclusive findings have been found connecting these medications to birth defects, researchers have noted that there might be a risk for a developing baby.

Increased estrogen levels during pregnancy affect the size and production levels of the oil-producing tear glands along your eyelids. The reduction in oil translates into a propensity for dry eye syndrome during pregnancy. Getting All Laser LASIK with dry eye symptoms can produce intense discomfort, and can significantly prolong the healing process.

The team at the Laser Eye Center believes that the best time to get All Laser LASIK is either before becoming pregnant or several months (at least two menstrual cycles) after pregnancy. Moreover, if you are breastfeeding, it is essential to wait until three months after weaning the baby to allow your body to revert to its pre-pregnancy state.

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