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Consejos para mantener los ojos seguros en el lugar de trabajo

Según estadísticas aproximadamente 25,000 estadounidenses van a la sala de emergencia cada año debido a una lesión que ocurre en el lugar de trabajo. La mayoría de estas lesiones podrían prevenirse tomando ciertas precauciones. En esta entrada del blog, el equipo de visión de Laser Eye Center™ comparte formas en las que puede proteger su… Continue reading

When Is The Right Time For LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery can be life changing for people who have been hindered by corrective eyewear most of their lives. With one simple outpatient procedure, LASIK can completely take away one’s dependency on glasses or contacts. Over the past few years, LASIK has moved into the mainstream and has become more popular, especially with celebrities like Drew Carey and Cindy Crawford undergoing the surgery. For people who are extremely active or have a profession that relies on perfect vision, LASIK can be the perfect solution. With any medical procedure though there are always questions. Patients specifically ask, “When is the right time to get LASIK? How old should I be? Is eighteen too young?” Read on to learn more…

Ocular Allergies, Causes and Tips for Relief

Did you know that… Up to 30 to 50% of U.S. residents have allergy symptoms. Among these, 75% have symptoms that affect their eyes (Allergic diseases of the eye. Medical Clinics of North America. January 2006). Common allergy symptoms include: – Itchy, watery, swollen, red eyes – Sneezing – Runny nose – Discomfort from contact… Continue reading