Feeling Anxious About LASIK? Try These Tips

LASIK in Los Angeles

Any surgical procedure — even if heralded as the safest and most medically reliable procedure such as LASIK — can cause some nerves. It is perfectly normal to feel a little worried or anxious about your upcoming treatment. The problem is when these nerves spiral out of control and make you second-guess your decision to have what is a life-altering procedure.

The Laser Eye Center goes above and beyond to make LASIK treatment a relaxed and calming experience. Here, we share tips to calm your nerves in the weeks and days leading up to your LASIK surgery.

Visualize Success

Take a cue from some of the world’s most elite athletes, who use visualization techniques as part of their training. Practice visualizing a positive outcome from LASIK and think about the specific ways clearer vision, without the handicap of glasses or contacts, will improve your life. How will your ability to exercise, play sports and travel improve without the burden of corrective eyewear? Create an image in your mind of how you hope these activities will look after your successful LASIK surgery. Pull up these calming images often in the days leading up to surgery. Focus on what it means to finally have perfect vision independent of any need of visual aids. Relish in the security of knowing perfect vision is yours and that you will never again have to experience being vulnerable for fear of losing your glasses or contacts!.

Talk With Our LASIK Team

Having a candid conversation about your concerns with our LASIK team is an enormously helpful way to ease your anxieties. Every day we see patients with similar worries or concerns, and we are happy to provide extra reassurance through a robust patient education program.

Perhaps there is something specific you are worried about (e.g., possible discomfort, blinking during surgery). If we know what is on your mind, we can specifically address it and put your fears to rest. With 30 years of proven results and over 450,000 procedures successfully completed, allow us to share our expertise with you!

Share your Experience with a Loved One

For many patients, having a shoulder to lean on can help quell their anxieties. Connecting with a friend or family can help you relax and even distract you while you are in the waiting room. Afterward, arrange for a trusted friend or family member to drive you home so as to help you unwind from the procedure.

Trust the Expertise of Our Team

Remind yourself that you will be in good hands during your surgery. Your vision care team at Laser Eye Center is highly trained and known for its best-in-class technology that delivers safe, lasting results. We have earned a reputation as a caring, attentive and patient group. But don’t take our word for it: read through some of the success stories of patients like you who have successfully undergone LASIK with our team.

Contact Laser Eye Center

Our entire team is here to help alleviate any stress or fear you experience about LASIK. If you would like to learn more about the procedure, please give us a call or send us an email today.