How Do Cataracts Affect Vision?

Cataracts, or a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, affects 25 million Americans over the age of 40. The visual effects of cataracts can be devastating, further robbing you of your vision, independence and quality of life.

To give you a better idea of exactly how cataracts impact vision, the Laser Eye Center team shares a transcript of conversations with three of our recent cataract surgery patients.


Laser Eye Center: Sue, when did you first realize your vision was changing due to cataracts?

Sue: The first thing I noticed was that my vision become hazy – sort of like I was looking through a lens smeared with Vaseline. I love to knit but it became harder. I couldn’t see the yarn and needles as well as I used to.

Laser Eye Center: What did you do when you noticed the change?

Sue: At first, I got new glasses. They helped – for a while. I also sat closer to a lamp when knitting. But eventually my vision deteriorated too much, and I went to see my doctor for an exam. After testing my vision and looking in my eyes with a special microscope, my doctor diagnosed me with cataracts.

Laser Eye Center: How did the surgery go?

Sue: The surgery at Laser Eye Center was easier than I expected, lasting less than 15 minutes! I chose to upgrade to advanced intraocular lenses, which the team referred to as ‘designer lenses,’ to give me clearer vision at multiple distances without the need for glasses. Today, I can knit again and read and drive safely with clear vision!


Laser Eye Center: Dave, what was the first sign your vision was changing? Did you know cataracts were to blame?

Dave: Well, I love to golf, but I started noticing it was harder to see my drives. I also realized that my vision was worse at night, when I usually like to hit balls at the driving range. I had to stop golfing and became depressed. My wife told me to see a doctor. After some tests, the doctor told me I had cataracts.

Laser Eye Center: What was your cataract surgery experience like?

Dave: My surgeon used a laser during my procedure, so the experience was short and painless. I noticed an improvement in my vision the day after my surgery.

Laser Eye Center: Have you been able to go back to the golf course?

Dave: Yes, I’m back on the course trying to get back to where I was before my cataracts. I chose an IOL that gives me great distance vision for my golf game.


Laser Eye Center: Patricia, what kind of symptoms were you experiencing before you got diagnosed with cataracts?

Patricia: I am an avid baker and love to bake for my grandchildren. I started noticing that everything looked blurry and kind of yellow or brown. I was missing key ingredients in my recipes and couldn’t gauge whether foods were ripe or rotten.

Laser Eye Center: When did you decide to get checked out?

Patricia: I couldn’t bake, read or drive without help. I pride myself on being an independent person, so this was devastating. I saw my doctor, was diagnosed with cataracts and scheduled surgery right away.

Laser Eye Center: Are you happy with your results?

Patricia: I feel like a new person! I can see better than I have in years and can bake with no problem. I brought muffins to my entire surgical team because I was so happy with my results!

Reclaim Clear Vision after Cataracts

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