Reasons to Avoid or Postpone LASIK

Reasons to Avoid or Postpone All Laser LASIK

Not everyone is a good candidate for All Laser LASIK. There are several reasons to postpone All Laser LASIK until a temporary condition is resolved. There are also permanent conditions that can make a patient ineligible to undergo All Laser LASIK. In this post, the eye surgeons of the Laser Eye Center in Los Angeles discuss some of the reasons to avoid or postpone All Laser LASIK.

You Are Pregnant or Nursing

Women who are pregnant or nursing should postpone All Laser LASIK. There are several changes that occur in a woman’s eyes during pregnancy due to fluctuating hormone levels. Getting All Laser LASIK while the eyes are in an unstable state could result in a vision under-correction or over-correction.

Your Immune System Is Weakened

If you have a medical condition that weakens your immune system, it could affect your ability to recover from All Laser LASIK. Some of these conditions include type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Certain medications can also affect your eyes, so it’s important to talk to your eye surgeon about all of your health issues and medications during your pre-All Laser LASIK consultation.

You Have Unstable Vision

All All Laser LASIK patients must have stable vision before the procedure. All Laser LASIK requires creating a map of the eye to fix any refractive errors, and stable vision is required to create an accurate map. Teenagers and young adults often have fluctuating vision, which is why All Laser LASIK patients are required to be 18 years old. Your vision prescription should be stable for at least 12 months before getting All Laser LASIK.

Your Eyes Aren’t Healthy

Many eye conditions will make a patient ineligible to receive All Laser LASIK. You should not get All Laser LASIK if you have a temporary condition such as pink eye or an eye injury. People with glaucoma or cataracts are also not good candidates for All Laser LASIK.

You Compete in Contact Sports

An injury to the healing eye area after All Laser LASIK could dislocate the corneal flap created during the procedure. You may want to ask your doctor about other vision correction procedures or wait until you no longer compete in these activities.

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