The History of LASIK Eye Surgery

History of LASIK Surgery

When Was LASIK Invented?

The breakthrough discovery of LASIK eye surgery came as a surprise. Most people don’t know where corrective eye surgery came from, or that it was discovered by accident. The incredible truth is that a young boy with a corneal accident led to the discovery of LASIK eye surgery in 1974, changing the way that doctors look at vision today. This article provides the interesting background of this amazing story, as well as information on the evolution of laser eye surgery thanks to research and technical advancements from around the world.

Who Invented LASIK Eye Surgery?

A prominent Russian eye surgeon, Dr. Svyatoslav Fydorov, was treating a severely nearsighted young boy who had fallen and gotten shards of glass stuck in his eye. Fortunately, the damage was minimal; a sliver was shaved off the cornea – the clear tissue that forms a protective layer over the eye. Following the accident the boy noticed a vast improvement in his vision. Dr. Fyodorov examined the child’s eyes and discovered that the tiny cuts made by the glass had reshaped the cornea and corrected the child’s focus. The doctor became exceedingly intrigued with this unforeseen discovery that he continued to study the matter and published his findings. It was not until a few American doctors with ample funding that the serious research began, bringing the procedure to the U.S. after observing the results in the former U.S.S.R. This is the manner in which the original All Laser LASIK vision correction began. They used a scalpel to create the cuts, calling the procedure Radial Keratotomy. Ultimately, the scalpel would be replaced with a laser, resulting in the laser eye surgery that we now call All Laser LASIK.

This accidental discovery by Dr. Fyodorov then led to further research about All Laser LASIK eye surgery, encouraging American doctors like Dr. Leo Bores to conduct additional studies and undertake computer modeling as well as witness the first procedures in the Soviet Union. From there, the evolution of All Laser LASIK eye surgery began. American physicians migrated to Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), which used a laser to reshape the cornea. Here began the advent of All Laser LASIK, which combined Keratomileusis and Photorefractive Keratectomy and helped to greatly reduce discomfort and sensitivity after surgery, leading to a faster recovery with the same incredible vision benefits. Today, patients can enjoy the latest, fastest and most precise vision correction technology such as Custom All Laser LASIK with Allegretto Wave, 400 hertz and the creation of the corneal flap with IntraLase, the safest and most precise bladeless technology today.

From an accidental discovery, a revolutionary and ideal solution was born that has improved vision for millions of people around the world. To find out if you are a candidate for All Laser LASIK eye surgery in Los Angeles, Orange County or the Inland Empire, please contact the Laser Eye Center, or call 800-805-2737.

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