The Emotional Benefits of Getting LASIK

LASIK for poor vision in Los Angeles

At Laser Eye Center, it is our honor and privilege to give patients the gift of great eyesight with LASIK. We witness these transformations on a daily basis! But what is customary to us may still be unfamiliar to you.

If you are interested in surgery but reluctant to commit, it might be useful for a LASIK patient to walk you through his personal experience. (This patient wishes to remain anonymous.) Hopefully, his story can put some of your fears to rest and motivate you to pursue clearer vision with LASIK.

Deciding to Get LASIK

I was diagnosed with nearsightedness at an early age and have relied on glasses and contacts for nearly as long as I can remember. I considered getting LASIK after I graduated college, but the thought of something touching my eyeball made me queasy. Also, I fooled myself into thinking glasses and contact lenses were not a big deal.

Sometime in my mid-20s, I started to have a change of heart. When I thought about what I wanted out of life, I realized that glasses and contacts were interfering with some of my goals.

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but training and conditioning is hard with glasses and contacts. When my allergies flared up, contacts irritated my eyes. Switching to glasses felt unnatural and uncomfortable on long runs.

Also, I’ve always wanted to become a law enforcement officer. Although perfect vision is not a must-have, there are stipulations for vision without corrective aids that I do not meet. I can’t risk losing a contact lens or breaking my glasses while protecting the public’s safety.

Gradually, it became more obvious that laser vision correction could help me get more out of life. I researched LASIK centers in Southern California and one name kept popping up: Laser Eye Center. I booked a consultation with their team and was approved to move forward with LASIK.

The surgery itself was extremely fast and I received medication that prevented me from feeling anything! The best part was that I could see clearly almost as soon as I woke up. My recovery went smoothly.

Was Poor Vision Really Holding Me Back?

It wasn’t until after my LASIK surgery that I realized just how much poor vision was holding me back in life. I feel happier and more positive going glasses-free. Taking a risk and seeing immediate benefits has made me a more confident person. My marathon training is going well and I’m in the early stages of applying to the police academy.

Even the simple things are easier. I can be more spontaneous and live in the moment. If I want to sleep over at a friend’s house, or join a pick-up game of basketball, I am not hindered by my glasses.

There’s no doubt: LASIK with the Laser Eye Center team was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am still discovering the joys of life without glasses or contacts.

Thank you, Laser Eye Center for giving me the gift of clear sight!

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