The Revolution in Cataracts That Is the PanOptix IOL

PanOptix IOL cataract surgery in Los Angeles

There are so many intraocular lenses available on the market today, but few offer the exceptional vision that the AcrySof IQ PanOptix lens does. Outperforming nearly every other type of intraocular lens (IOL), the PanOptix provides the high-definition vision you need to live an active, independent lifestyle free from glasses.

At Laser Eye Center, we believe you should not settle for anything less than the best. We want you to enjoy the world clearly through your own eyes, not through the lenses of reading glasses or spectacles. We would be happy to meet with you to evaluate your IOL needs and determine whether the PanOptix lens will suit you and your lifestyle.

The First Of Its Kind

PanOptix has attracted quite a buzz in the ophthalmology world because it is the first lens of its kind: a trifocal lens, which uses diffractive light-splitting technology to provide a wide range of crisp vision.

With its unique technology, the PanOptix lens offers the excellent distance, intermediate and near vision you need for nearly all of your day-to-day tasks, including reading, driving, working on a computer or sending a text message. Say goodbye to your readers once and for all — for life!

There is no longer any need to settle for “adequate” vision at a single distance, whilst also compensating by wearing glasses to see at other distances. You do not have to choose between vision that is good enough to see the road but not good enough to read your dashboard, or vice versa. Thanks to the PanOptix, you can for the first time recapture the vision you need to see the road, read your dashboard and see the Google Maps or Waze app on your smartphone — with little to no reliance on reading glasses.

Minimal Side Effects

Other IOLs claim to provide clear vision at multiple distances, but have also been known to cause unpleasant visual side effects, such as problems with contrast sensitivity, glare and halos around lights. Part of the appeal of the PanOptix lens is that it offers top-quality vision without the side effects that are common with other lenses.

Who Can Benefit From the PanOptix Lens?

Chances are, if you need cataract surgery or simply just want to do away with your reading glasses once and for all, you are probably a good candidate for the PanOptix lens. When evaluating you for the PanOptix lens, our cataract surgeons will take into account factors such as:

  • Your health
  • Eye shape
  • Lifestyle needs

Change the Way You See the World

If you are starting to experience effects of cataracts like blurry vision, muted colors or sensitivity to bright lights, request an appointment with our cataract surgeons today. We will evaluate your IOL options and help you choose the lens that is best for your needs.