Things LASIK Patients Often Say after Surgery

LASIK is one of the safest and most effective procedures the field of ophthalmology has ever seen. When performed by the experienced, qualified surgeons at Laser Eye Center, who use the latest, best-in-class technology, the procedure can give you clearer, sharper vision than you thought possible.

 If you are on the fence about having LASIK, we want to share some of the comments that we frequently hear from our patients about the surgery.

“Looking forward to seeing a whole new world through your eyes!”

Clear vision after LASIK makes every aspect of life — including interpersonal connections, work, leisure and travel — easier, more convenient and more gratifying. Our LASIK patients go on to excel at their jobs, enjoy their favorite sports or hobbies, or travel the world in rich high-definition vision free from visual aids such as contacts or glasses.

“Lifelong contacts wearer no more!”

If you are reliant on glasses or contacts, freedom from visual aids is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself —not to mention,n ease of mind! In fact, contact lens infection is one of the leading causes of emergency room visits in America today, with 5 million persons opting out of using contacts each year! What’s more? There are no more inconveniences, hassles or expenses associated with lenses, frames and contacts. LASIK will save you effort, time and money, allowing you to get up and go at a moment’s notice without the hindrance of corrective eyewear.

“The entire process was fast and easy.”

One of the most common misconceptions about LASIK is that the procedure is uncomfortable or dangerous. Many patients are surprised at how quick surgery and recovery are. Moreover, LASIK is the safest medical procedure in the world today! The treatment itself lasts less than 10 minutes and most patients are thrust into their new life of clear vision within hours after having completed the procedure!

“I had no idea about the technology differences.”

The technology used during LASIK is crucial. State-of-the-art LASIK technology allows you to enjoy your best vision yet, while enhancing the safety and precision of the procedure and accelerating your healing. Laser Eye Center is a pioneer in modern LASIK, which means the full procedure is done with lasers as opposed to the conventional approach of handheld blades, thereby providing you with the most advanced and personalized treatment available.

“I wish I had done it sooner.”

Our team continually hears from patients who say they wish they had had LASIK sooner. For one reason or another they avoided or delayed surgery only to discover how fast, easy and rewarding it is. But don’t put it off any longer – see for yourself why millions of people love LASIK.

You Deserve High-Quality Vision and Independence from Visual Aids

Want to learn more about the quick, easy procedure that will give you the best vision of your life? The team at Laser Eye Center invites you to our practice for a complimentary consultation. During your appointment, we will determine whether you qualify for LASIK, answer all of your questions as well as address any concerns you may have.

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