What Are the Risks of Leaving Cataracts Untreated?

Cataract Removal in Los Angeles

Deciding whether or when to get a cataract removed is highly personal. Cataracts can be unpredictable, and there is no universal solution that works for everyone. For most people, cataracts will continue to worsen or “mature” with time, and according to the cataract experts at Laser Eye Center, leaving them untreated can eventually lead to serious consequences.

Surgical Removal Becomes More Difficult

The first risk of leaving a cataract untreated is that it will become harder to safely remove. A very hard, dense cataract is generally more challenging to surgically break up and remove than an early or immature cataract. Waiting too long to have a cataract treated can increase the risk of complications during or after surgery.

Visual Decline that Affects Quality of Life

In the early days of a cataract, getting a new glasses prescription, applying an anti-reflective coating to your glasses or making simple lifestyle modifications can help you avoid limitations to your day-to-day routine.

But more mature cataracts can significantly obstruct vision to the point that quality of life is affected. Vision may be incredibly cloudy or blurry, and other symptoms, such as halos or glare around lights, double vision or a yellowing/darkening of objects, can occur.

Depending on your individual cataract symptoms, you may find it challenging to work, drive, read or enjoy your favorite hobbies. Eventually, your cataracts could even cause you to become partially or totally blind.

Increased Risk of Accidents

If untreated, cataracts significantly impair your vision and put you at increased risk of serious accidents. Driving, doing household projects or working with certain types of tools or machinery can be very dangerous when your vision is impaired.

Even simple, everyday tasks such as getting out of the bathtub or going up or down a flight of stairs could result in a devastating fall or injury if you cannot clearly see what you are doing.

Safe Surgical Options at Laser Eye Center

When you postpone cataract surgery, you put yourself at risk of a devastating visual decline or related accident. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract, be proactive and discuss your treatment options with our experienced team.

Modern cataract surgery is very safe and advanced. With our selection of intraocular lenses (IOLs), we can restore a complete range of functional, independent vision. Our patients are usually able to return to normal activities, including work, as soon as the day after surgery.

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