When Is The Right Time For LASIK?

When is LASIK necessary

All Laser LASIK eye surgery can be life-changing for people who have been hindered by corrective eyewear most of their lives. With one simple outpatient procedure, All Laser LASIK can completely take away one’s dependency on glasses or contacts. Over the past few years, All Laser LASIK has moved into the mainstream and has become more popular, especially with celebrities like Drew Carey and Cindy Crawford undergoing the surgery. For people who are extremely active or have a profession that relies on perfect vision, All Laser LASIK can be the perfect solution. With any medical procedure though there are always questions. Patients specifically ask, “When is the right time to get All Laser LASIK? How old should I be? Is eighteen too young?”

Younger than 18

It is extremely unlikely for children under 18 to have the All Laser LASIK procedure and only in rarest of pediatric cases would it be considered.

Over 18

Patients, as young as 18, are eligible to have the All Laser LASIK procedure done as long as their prescription has remained unchanged for at least a year. The stability of the eye is always a major consideration. Doctors will not perform All Laser LASIK if the eye is still developing or the prescription is constantly changing. This is the main reason why most All Laser LASIK patients are between the ages of 20 and 40; young adults need time for their vision to stabilize in order to get optimal results

Over 40

There is no age limit to All Laser LASIK, however, as people approach middle age there is a greater possibility of developing a separate condition that will impair the results of the All Laser LASIK procedure. For example, as patients age, they often have trouble with their reading vision, otherwise known as presbyopia, or in some cases find themselves with cataracts. Age-related conditions like these often mean that All Laser LASIK is no longer the best procedure. The easiest way to tell if All Laser LASIK is right for you is to meet with a doctor at the Laser Eye Center for a free consultation.

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