Why Winter Is a Great Time to Get LASIK

LASIK during Winter in Los Angeles

Although the doctors at Laser Eye Center perform LASIK throughout the entire year, if you have been holding off on pursuing the refractive surgery you have always wanted, there may be some added incentive to schedule it during the winter months. Here’s why winter makes sense for so many LASIK patients:

You Are Already Spending More Time Inside

People are already more inclined to stay indoors during the winter months. Staying cozy on the couch for a night while you recover from LASIK does not feel like a sacrifice when it is cold outside and you have fewer social invitations anyway.

While LASIK recovery is quick overall, there are certain activities that your doctor will instruct you to avoid in the days and weeks following your procedure, such as contact sports and swimming. In the winter months, it is less likely that you will be engaging in these hobbies in the first place.  

Extra Vacation Time

Your free time is precious, so it is understandable if you do not wish to devote a vacation day to recovering from LASIK surgery. The winter months have a string of holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents Day) that make it more convenient to schedule around a day you would already be home from work.

Since you will need someone to drive you home from your surgery and look after you in the initial hours when your vision is temporarily impaired, it also makes sense to schedule LASIK when you can safely assume a friend or loved one will be off from work too.

An Ideal Climate for Recovery

A study conducted at Wake Forest University sought to determine the best environmental conditions for patients recovering from LASIK. The study found that patients thrived most when outdoor temperatures were coolest and humidity was low.

Keep in mind, the ophthalmologists at Laser Eye Center are experts who achieve terrific outcomes for their LASIK patients year-round. By no means does the aforementioned study mean that you need to postpone LASIK, but if you have a flexible schedule you might consider having the procedure in the winter.

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