Why Your 20s and 30s Are a Perfect Time for LASIK

Although there is no “perfect age” for LASIK surgery, many people choose to take advantage of the vision correction procedure early in life. In fact, over half of all LASIK procedures are performed on adults under the age of 30. Take a moment to learn why your 20s and 30s are a perfect time to have LASIK.

Career Benefits

LASIK can give you freedom from the inconvenience of glasses or contacts and help make your professional life easier, simultaneously increasing your productivity and satisfaction. Depending on your career goals, clear vision with LASIK may also make it possible to pursue a dream job that requires excellent vision (e.g., a career in the military or as a first responder). If you are a professional athlete or in the arts, LASIK can give you the edge you need to excel.

Lifestyle Benefits

Are you an active person that enjoys exercise, recreational sports and other physically demanding activities? LASIK allows you to take advantage of the energy and stamina that you enjoy at this age. Following a successful LASIK procedure, you can resume your active lifestyle without the need for glasses or contacts. What’s more, by opting for modern LASIK technologies, LASIK not only enables clear vision, but it also improves on the quality of what you see —think going from a standard definition to a high-definition TV. You can play with ease on your office softball team, hike with friends, or go scuba diving on vacation without worrying that your glasses will break or a contact will fall out, ending your joy.

Travel Benefits

Speaking of vacation, having LASIK offers real benefits for anyone who loves to travel. You can hop on a plane or a train at a moment’s notice without bothering to pack your glasses, back-up glasses and cleaning supplies. You no longer  have to worry about leaving your glasses on the plane or forgetting your contact lens solution at home (not to mention losing a contact in a pool while swimming!).

Financial Benefits

Another tangible benefit of having LASIK in your 20s or 30s is the money you can save for years to come. The sooner you have LASIK, the sooner you can start to put the money you spend on glasses, contacts and cleaning supplies into your savings account (and watch it grow!).

Benefits for Your Family

Many people choose to marry and start families in their 20s and 30s. Freeing yourself from the inconvenience of glasses and contacts can be beneficial if you are a parent, especially a parent to a young child. You can respond to your child at a moment’s notice or play with them without worrying about visual aids. This forms the basis for Laser Eye Center’s founding philosophy detailed in its tagline:

Laser Eye Center: Connect to the world through your eyes

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